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Starting a new job in times of the new normal

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Melissa Koppeschaar


"It’s official! In April I will be starting an amazing new job!", I thought excitedly as I laid down my pen. I had just signed my contract with JCore during a nice lunch with a soon-to-be colleague. It was December 23st and signing the contract felt like an early Christmas present. Not only would JCore offer me plenty of opportunity to develop my technical and personal skills, they also offered a fun social environment. During the interviews I was told about pub quizzes, board game nights, Friday afternoon drinks, people playing videogames together…​ It seemed so much fun! I joined two of these events even before I officially started working for JCore. I had a great time and I was really looking forward for this to become my new normal. Little did I know that my actual new normal would be vastly different due to the corona crisis.

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