Forcing HTTPS with an .htaccess file on Heroku

The usual way

Normally, forcing HTTPS with an .htaccess file is pretty straightforward, and not too difficult. You simply add the following to the top of your .htaccess file:

You have a RewriteCond that checks whether HTTPS is on or off, and after that you create a RewriteRule that redirects the user to the same host/URI, but with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The L flag prevents any other rule in the .htaccess file from being applied, and the R flag is a redirect (the 301 status code is for SEO optimization).

See this for documentation on rewrite module for Apache server.

Why is it not working on Heroku?

So when you try this on an application hosted on Heroku (I’m using a Cedar stack), this won’t work because there will be a infinite redirect loop.

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